Two channel projection

7min, 2009

As a new dawn arrives our place is revealed. Civil dawn contains the potential of what is to become. In the forest this takes on a menacing quality, but why would this be threatening? Within it there is nothing that has not been managed or controlled, the woodland is confined and maintained. The forest plays host to a system we’ve come to describe as wild. What does wildness mean if guiding hand of nature is human.

A creatures actions stem from nature alone, from instinct. Our self-consciousness separates us from our environment. This separation has brought responsibilities, it is tinged with a burden of guilt and a loss of innocence. Underpinning this is the natural world as a cultural artifact and the conflict between it and the man made world. This boundary between the concepts of landscape versus human is constantly present in our thinking, it is a necessary devision we have created as we see our actions in terms of this relationship and is partly how we define ourselves.

The execution of the piece beast was carried out under the guidance of a stalker. Utilising their skills and knowledge of their prey’s habitat, social patterns, feeding habits etc, I attempted to infiltrate the elusive space between the hunter and the hunted, offering an insight into a rarely seen relationship, in the hope of capturing an encounter or an experience.